me trying to flirt


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i really like when you see people express their love for another person in small ways like by telling them to stop picking their scabs, or to stop scratching a mosquito bite till it bleeds, or picking lint off their clothing, or fixing a stray hair, or telling them to stop using meth. you know, the little things. 

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I spend $400 on a video editing program and this is what I do with it.  Money well spent.

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goals for 2014: care less, wear black more, survive

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It makes me really sad that people (usually very small-minded, insecure ones) still feel the need, at this age, to start stupid, irrelevant disputes just for the sake of it. I will continue to rise above people like this. When I was 7, the girls in my street used to run away from me. laughing,…

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"I’m full, do you want my dessert"


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holding in a fart all day and finally getting home


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7/11 breathing. A skill to use for anxiety. It’s recommended to do it for 10-15 minutes. Like any other skill it does require a lot of practice. I advice that you practice it when you are feeling calm so you are ready in a time of need. If you lose count, which is easily done, simply start again until you do 15 minutes. It will also help with distraction even if you don’t get it right the first hundred times.

Breathing out longer than you breathe in actually activates your parasympathetic nervous system!
Anxiety is your sympathetic nervous system (“fight or flight”) setting off all the alarms, while breathing like this will set the parasympathetic system (“rest and digest”) into action shutting off the alarms and settling your nerves.
Other things that help: laughing, checking out what’s going on around you (moving head and eyes to orient to your surroundings), getting curious about something.
Take care, be safe.
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